Benefits Of Laminine

A healthy supplement

A Review: StemRenu Health Care Supplement


StemRenu: just stemfit active +10% MORE?

Over the many years that I’ve been in the supplements taking  mode, I’ve seen a boatload come in and go out.

They seem to come in with a bang and limp out of the holistic health care arena with a wimper. Laminine was one like that. It came in like gangbusters! Sheesh, everyone was getting healed of something then in the summer of 2013, that company announced that it had the bright idea of making the the Young Tissue extract themselves in the USA and saving bucks on shipping costs.

Just like that, POOF! The product that changed so many lives was gone, just gone…never to return…..Then a couple of folks who knew what they were doing at that company, with some skills in formulation made StemFit active which in turn – two years later – became StemRenu with NHTGlobal.

The formula seems well rounded and it was after all the only product with Genuine Young Tissue Extract from Norway in the USA. which is why everyone who knew Laminine‘s YTE® flocked to the Stemfit before it became Stemrenu in early summer of 2016.

Almost everyone who used it was positively affected, but did it have the original Laminine power? Apparently not since so many folks quit using it over time citing any number of reasons. SO then the former home of Stemfit active is left with a space on it’s shelf and decides it can do a better formula, and goes for it.

Enter StemActive :

Everything StemFit had PLUS everything Laminine had.




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