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Are You Risking Your Health With Laminine? – The Positive And Negative Effects Of The Supplement



Are You Risking Your Health With Laminine? – The Positive And Negative Effects Of The Supplement

Natural health supplements seems to have taken the health industry by storm with many claiming that these supplements can help one to regain their health back. One of the latest of these nutritional supplements is Laminine. Below is a brief introductory on the nutritional supplement and its benefits as well as its negative side.

Laminine Defined

Laminine is a nutritional supplement with  its main ingredient coming from the nine-day-old egg of a hen. The fluid, which is called PESE or Proto Embryonic Stage Extract. The PESE fluid, which was discovered by Dr. John Davidson is said to contain all the nutrients that is needed to create life.  The other key ingredient of the supplement includes plant and marine protein, and FGF which is said to help harness the amino acids and peptides in the body.

Laminine Benefits

LifePharm Laminine claims to be able to provide various health benefits for those who take the supplement regularly. Some of the health benefits that the company claimed is that the supplements can help a person increase their energy and stamina. It is also said to help the brain function well and to enhance memory. For those with sexual problems, Laminine can also help enhance the person’s libido thus promoting sexual satisfaction and gratification. Other areas that seems to be affected as well includes quicker recovery time for muscles especially during rigorously activities and reduce stress by promoting good sleep.

Clinical Research Done

According to a trial conducted at the University of Colorado, those who were taking the PETE reported increased strength and were able to recover after workout training than those who were taking a creatine and other nutritional supplements. The PETE group also reported to feel better themselves and feel more energized.

Laminine Effects

For those with egg allergies or are susceptible to allergens, the use of Laminine supplement might not be ideal as it is egg-based. As the main component of the supplement is egg-based specifically egg whites, this may or may not trigger allergic reaction among those who are sensitive to eggs. Another side effect might be the retracing or withdrawal that the body might undergo during the process. Retracing happens when the supplement activates the dormant cells in the damage area of the body to start the regeneration process. During this time, dead cells are remove which results to some pain and other negative effects in the body which is tolerable with people with normal pain tolerance but are not ideal for people with low pain tolerance.

All in all, the nutritional supplement is something to look forward to especially those who want to get better in life. For those who are interested with the product, it is best to consult your attending physician especially if you have health problems, undergoing medication or with child. Buy Stemrenu now!






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